Thermal Waters, Lesvos

7 am on a Saturday morning, my entire household is asleep apart from our family dog Zoi.

I was sleeping as well but then I had an urge to pen something for my blog, the first time in 2018 after

taking a long break. A break entirely needed to focus on growing my family and starting a home. You can see some of my highlights on my IG page.

Here I am, on my couch drafting this, North of Aegean Sea, in an Island In Greece, full of Olive trees, cocks crowing from a distant and the heating system from downstairs roaring to heat up the entire house. Looking at my weather app, it is 6 degrees outside. The thought of low temperatures gives me shivers. 

On these cold days here in Mytilene, Lesvos, there is barely anything cultural to do apart from visiting the many picturesque angles in the center and the Thermal Waters.

Together with a dear friend from Germany, we visited the thermal waters and the wellness center in Mytilene. I am glad to share with you some of our captured moments.

Who knows? Maybe next time you are planning a trip to Greece, you may opt for alternative tourism and visit Lesvos. If you do, I highly recommend some good time at the thermal waters as a top priority for your RnR.

Sorry I have to keep it short as I grow momentum in posting more, maybe one more time in 2018 and then frequently in 2019.

Until then, happy holidays!


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