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What a misty life!

I took this photo last week, while seated somewhere in the streets of Italy after a school training and wondering, now what next!

That there, was probably one of the lowest moments I have had since I moved abroad.

I remember walking down the streets, balancing tears in my eyes and wondering… so, what next?

Hello lovers, how are you doing?

Happy new year !

I say this assuming that I am still on time to wish you guys  a happy new year. In Kenya, we continue to say it to everyone you meet for the first time in the year even if it is the last quarter of the year:-)

So, if you are a first timer on PeachesonBlue, Happy New Year darling!

Today, I write this with wrinkled finger tips, and a trembling lower lip because it is damn cold in Rome! The only reason I will keep writing is because…