To y’all first timers like me, are you ready?

Today, marks the first day of winter in the northern hemisphere, which also doubles up as the first day of my first ever ‘full’ winter.

I have experienced winter before, but hold up, just for a maximum of two weeks , before running back to my favourite warm tropical weather in Kenya.

This year is different though…

Have you ever observed that time seems to be going faster as you get older? It is just 26 days to the climax of the season and I am here almost asking the world to take a quick stop and wait a little longer since I have lots of unfinished business. I have so much to be done, yet so little time left in the year and here we go…festivity is knocking at our door!

This means, the gifting season is also knocking, which can turn out to be enjoyable or…

Sunset in the dying city

Ever imagined living in a town with a population that varies from about 7 to 12 people? A town that when you step out of your house you probably know the name of all your neighbours, and that you are conscious of the fact that they may decide to leave the next day just like the others have done in the past?

A town, where the number of cats is ten fold the number of human beings?

This is the story of…