2018 will forever be memorable in my life. It started out quite slow with only one great expectation, a baby, then turned out to be the year that I  grew most as an individual.

Becoming a mommy is the best thing that I have ever done.

It’s so rewarding in many ways unexplainable and super exhausting all at the same time. Every day is a learning process and every day the world gives you (with arms wide open) an opportunity to get to know someone from the word go.

I learnt to be patient, to be vulnerable and open with myself and people around me. In the same breath, I have become self-aware and aware of my surroundings and of the people around me. Looking back at this year, I believe it will be a point of reference to all the many years to come. 

This year has been dedicated to family and growing as a person, I have found immense joy and gratitude in all. I hope that you all had a great year in one way or another and that 2019 will bring forward all your heart desires.

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