Hey there! Welcome to peachesonblue.



I am Vidah.

You can also call me CVR which stands for all my initials.

I am Kenyan, from a small village called Sifuyo  located along the shores of Lake Victoria.

I am very passionate about life just as my name (Vida). I believe in smart, transformative power of self expression and soulful conversations. I believe in the warmth that comes with inspiration and the sparkle in peoples faces when they find out there is still one good person in the world that still exists. I am a firm believer in co-existance and  lifting each other and not tearing down.

Through PeachesonBlue, I would like to interact with you and learn from you as I share some of the things I love (as seen on inspiration category) and my learnings on life so far in the past 27 years (as seen on Misty Life ) sometimes pertinent, but most of the time easy with topical issues that will make you relate in one  one way or onother.

So, why the name PeachesonBlue?

To be honest, I had the option of going with carydonvidah.com. But, as I have noticed over the years, it is not very memorable to all. So I opted for something else that makes me happy:-) I have always been drawn to the  colour peach and of course the forever timeless blue. When I look at these two colours, I feel genuinely excited  and comfortable in whichever space I am. It is my hope that I can transfer to you  these positive vibes  through PeachesonBlue and that you will be able to somehow find your charm to disarm.

Enough said, I am so glad you are here, please feel free to comment on any article or drop me a mail.